2021 Posters

  Name Title Poster
01 Marek Kozon Multiscale FEM for light propagation through realistic photonic crystals  poster\2021-01    
02 Elena Giammatteo  Electromagnetic Wave Simulations in Photonic Quasicrystals  poster\2021-02    
03 Lars Crobijn van Willenswaard  Simulating light propagation in a real photonic crystal: The first attempt  poster\2021-03    
04 Merel Schalkers  Learning based hardware-centric quantum circuit generation  poster\2021-04    
05 Alexander Heinlein  FROSch – A framework for parallel Schwarz preconditioners in Trilinos  poster\2021-05    
06 Nicolaj Mucke  State and Parameter Estimation with Uncertainty Quantification Using GANs and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods  poster\2021-06    
07 Jacob Snoeijer  Solving for the low-rank tensor components of the wave function in scattering problems with multiple ionization  poster\2021-07  
08 Stephan Lunowa  Averaged models for two-phase flow in a pore: The effect of hysteretic and dynamic contact angles  poster\2021-08    
09 Fleurianne Betrand  Reliable eigenvalue approximations in solid mechanics  poster\2021-09    
10 Jurriaan Buist  Energy-conserving formulation of the two-fluid model for incompressible two-phase flow in channels and pipes  poster\2021-10    
11 Ferre Knaepkens  Sparse multi-dimensional exponential analysis  poster\2021-11    
12  Jinqiang Chen  Matrix-free parallel solution methods for Helmholtz equations  poster\2021-12    
13  Riccardo Bardin  Low-rank tensor product approximations for the radiative transfer equation   poster\2021-13
14 Wim Vanroose  Krylov-Simplex method for inverse problems poster\2021-14    
15 Anna Shalova  Sparsifying Continuous-Time Neural Networks for Density Estimation Problem  poster\2021-15    
16  Hemaditya Malla  Challenges in simulating electrical discharges  poster\2021-16    
17 Sohely Sharmin  Upscaling of two-phase flow in porous media  poster\2021-17    
18  Muhammad Hamza Khalid  Symplectic Model Order Reduction for the Seismic Wave Problem  poster\2021-18    
19 Merel de Leeuw den Bouter  Super-resolution image reconstruction in low-field MRI using deep learning  poster\2021-19    
20 Emil Loevbak  Asymptotic-preserving multilevel Monte Carlo for neutral particle simulation in fusion reactors  poster\2021-20    
21 Julian Koellermeier  Model Reduction and Simulation using Hierarchical Moment Model  poster\2021-21    
22 Manuela Bastidas  Adaptive numerical homogenization: Linearization procedure for multi-scale problems  poster\2021-22    
23  Pieter Vanmechelen  Multilevel Markov Chain Monte Carlo for full-field data assimilation  poster\2021-23    
24 Abdul Halim  Reduced Order Model for PDE Eigenvalue Problems   poster\2021-24  
25 Ignace Bossuyt  micro-Macro parareal: Exploratory analysis of effect of reduced models in parallel-in-time PDE simulation  poster\2021-25