Lectures of the forty-second Woudschoten Conference

Speakers Woudschoten 2017

Keynote Speakers of the Woudschoten conference 2017 (f.l.t.r.):
Michael Ulbrich, Nelly Litvak, Karl Meerbergen, Francoise Tisseur, Hans De Sterck, Karl Kunisch

The organising committee is very happy to present the lectures as shown on the Woudschoten conference 2017.
The forty-second Woudschoten Conference was held at the Woudschoten Conference Centre, Zeist, The Netherlands from 4-6 October 2017.

Themes and keynote speakers of the conference were:

1. Eigenvalue problems
Invited speakers:
Prof. Francoise Tisseur (University of Manchester, United Kingdom). Lectures:
The non linear Eigenvalues Problem: part I, part II
Prof. Karl Meerbergen (KU Leuven, Belgium). Lectures:
Krylov methods for eigenvalue problems: theory and algorithms; applications

2. Numerical techniques for social media and network problems
Invited speakers:
Prof. Hans De Sterck (Monash University, Australia). Lectures:
Spreading Processes on Networks: Models, Techniques and Algorithms: part I, part II
Prof. Nelly Litvak (University of Twente, The Netherlands). Lectures:
Finding central nods in large networks: part I, part II

3. Semi-smooth Newton methods
Invited speakers:
Prof. Karl Kunisch (University of Graz, Austria). Lectures:
Semi-Smooth Newton Methods and their Applications: part I, part II
Prof. Michael Ulbrich (Technical University of Munchen). Lectures:
eSemismooth Newton Methods in Function Space: part I, part II


One-minute Poster session:

All participants were invited to present a poster concerning their research. Every presenter of a poster received a one-minute slot in the conference programme (in a plenary session) to attract the attention to his or her poster. PDF files of the one-minute session can be found here.

The following posters were rated the best by a jury consisting of all keynote speakers. This year we had two third price winners.

First price for Andreas van Barel (KUL)
Gradient and Hessian based optimization under uncertainties using MLMC
first price









Second price for Pieterjan Robbe (KUL)
Combining Multigrid and Multilevel Monte Carlo with Applications to Uncertainty Quantification
second price









Third price for Roel Tielen (TUD)
Efficient solvers in Isogeometric Analysis
third price-1

Third price for Yous van Halder (CWI)
Machine Learning Based Stochastic Space Decomposition for Uncertainty Quantification
third price-2




The conferences of the Dutch-Flemish Numerical Analysis Communities are held yearly, organised by the Werkgemeenschap Scientific Computing (WSC).
The organising committee 2017: Jaap van der Vegt (TU Twente, chair), Kees Vuik (TU Delft), Kees Oosterlee (CWI), Martine Anholt (CWI, secretary).
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica



Support is provided by the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI).


Financial support for the 2017 conference is provided by:
The 4TU Applied Mathematics Institute (4TU.AMI)






The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)



The Nonlinear Dynamics of Naturla Systems (NDNS+)




VORtech BV, the scientific software engineers (VORtech)
Vortech B.V.






Number of participants: 84, of whom 20 women
Number of PhD students: 36, of whom 9 women
Number of posters: 30


Thea Vuik from Vortech wrote a blog about the Woudschoten conference 2017. You can read it here.


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