2019 Woudschoten Conference

Lectures of the forty-fourth Woudschoten Conference



The organizing committee is very happy to present some of the lectures shown on the Woudschoten conference 2019.
The forty-fourth Woudschoten conference was held at the Woudschoten Conference Centre, Zeist, The Netherlands from
9-11 October 2019.

Themes and speakers of the 2019 conference were:

Model order reduction for parametric systems

* Gianluigi Rozza (SISSA)
Reduced Order Methods for PDEs: state of the art and perspectives with CFD applications in Industry, Medicine and Environmental Sciences

* Karen Veroy-Grepl  (RWTH, Aachen University)
The Reduced Basis Methods

Adaptivity and a posteriori error estimation for the finite element method

* Carsten Carstensen (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Adaptive Finite Element Methods with Collective Marking (tba)

Adaptive Finite Element Methods with Separate Marking (tba)

* Emmanuil Georgoulis (University of Leicester/ NTU Athens)
Adaptive Galerkin methods for evolutionary problems (tba)

Reconstruction of Galerkin solutions as a tool of proving a posteriori error bounds (tba)

Numerical methods in deep learning

* Gitta Kutyniok (TU Berlin)
Solving Mathematical Problems by Deep Learning: Inverse Problems

Solving Mathematical Problems by Deep Learning: Partial Differential Equations

* Daniel Pelt (CWI)
Machine learning for large scientific images

* Anastasia Borovykh (Imperial College)
Analytic expressions for the output evolution of a deep neural network during training


One-minute Poster session:

All participants were invited to present a poster concerning their research. Every presenter of a poster received a one-minute slot in the conference program (in a plenary session) to attract the attention to his/her poster. PDF files of the one-minute session can be found here.
The following posters were rated the best by a jury consisting of almost all keynote speakers.
First place for Kelbij Star from SCK*CEN
Second place for Fengna Yan University of Twente
Third place for Marieke Kootte Technical University Delft
Organizing committee 2019:

Wil Schilders(chair), Jaap van der Vegt, Daan Crommelin en Martine Anholt (secretary)


Support 2019





Number of participants:82, of whom 18 women
Number of PhD students: 34, of whom 11 women
Number of posters: 27