2019 Woudschoten Conference

The forty-fourth Woudschoten Conference


The Conferences of the Dutch-Flemish Numerical Analysis Communities are held yearly, organized by the Dutch-Flemish Scientific Computing Society (SCS)   formerly known as Werkgemeenschap Scientific Computing (WSC). On 9-11 October 2019 the forty-fourth Woudschoten Conference will be held at the Woudschoten Conference Centre, Zeist, The Netherlands.

Themes and speakers of the 2019 conference are:

Model order reduction for parametric systems

* Gianluigi Rozza (SISSA)

* Karen Veroy-Grepl  (RWTH, Aachen University)

Adaptivity and a posteriori error estimation for the finite element method

* Carsten Carstensen (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

* Emmanuil Georgoulis (University of Leicester/ NTU Athens)

Numerical methods in deep learning

* George Karniadakis (Brown University)

* Gitta Kutyniok (TU Berlin)

Organizing committee 2019:

Wil Schilders(chair), Jaap van der Vegt, Daan Crommelin en Martine Anholt (secretary)


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