Dutch-Flemish Scientific Computing Society

The Research Community Scientific Computing unites scientific researchers in and users of numerical mathematics and scientific computing. The most important SCS goal is transfer of knowledge. Through the SCS, members can convene their workshops, symposia and other scientific meetings of (inter-)national interest.

The Woudschoten Conference is the pride of the Dutch-Flemish Numerical Mathematics community, symbolizing the established tradition in numerical mathematics in the Netherlands and Flanders. The conference has a long and rich history, dating back to the first edition in 1976, and it has featured many of the great names in numerical analysis and scientific computing. Since its establishment in the early days of `approximation and discretization' -- the two themes of the first edition of the conference -- the Woudschoten conference has provided an introduction to and overview of groundbreaking developments in scientific computing and numerical analysis. The conference is attended by essentially all Dutch and Flemish researchers in numerical analysis and scientific computing, from PhD students to full professors, and including industrial researchers. By virtue of its unique format and its informal setting, the conference does not only provide insight and inspiration to the Dutch-Flemish numerical-mathematics community, but it also plays a central role in retaining coherence in the community.

Since 2008 SCS organizes yearly a spring meeting, alternating in the Netherlands and Belgium. At this meeting a mixture of young and senior researchers present their research. Sometimes this meeting is coupled to the PhDays. PhDays is an annual event for all PhD students in numerical mathematics from the Netherlands and Flanders. Tradition has that the PhDays consist of a weekend in the Netherlands or in Belgium, where PhD students of different universities are brought closer together in an informal environment.

A committee of representatives from universities, research institutes and companies forms the board. Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam provides organizational support.