Scientific Machine Learning: semester programme CWI kicking off

This autumn, CWI will be the meeting place for Scientific Machine Learning!
This autumn, CWI will be the meeting place for Scientific Machine Learning! 
Scientific Machine Learning (SciML) is a rapidly growing research field that concerns the application of machine learning techniques to complex physics problems, combining physics-driven models with data-driven models in a hybrid manner.
At CWI we are really enthusiastic about SciML and we organise an exciting Semester Programme. Here’s an overview of what we offer:
Autumn School, October 9-13
Introducing PhD students, postdocs and other early career researchers to SciML, with lectures and hands-on tutorials on topics like reduced-order models, neural ODEs, and data-driven multi-scale methods. World experts like Steve Brunton and Hod Lipson are giving their lectures here in Amsterdam.
(Note that registration is already closed)
Industry & Society, November 23
Bridging theory and practice, with SciML from a practical and industrial point of view, with speakers from KNMI and Deltares, amongst others.
Workshop, 6-8 December
Connecting Dutch researchers who are interested in SciML to the international community. We have a stellar line-up with speakers like Jan Hesthaven, Sid Mishra and Dirk Hartmann. 
Seminar++: throughout the program
In October, November and December, renowned international researchers will visit CWI for several days in order to present, discuss and interact on open problems in SciML with the Dutch community. The seminars can be followed online as well.
We are looking forward to welcome you in Amsterdam this autumn!
Benjamin Sanderse