Summer school on hyperbolic conservation laws

Hereby, I would like to kindly invite you to participate in the summer school on hyperbolic conservation laws at the university of Hasselt, Belgium, from June 27-30, 2022.

The focus of this summer school is on the discontinous Galerkin methodThe DG method is one of the most famous numerical algorithms for the approximation of solutions to PDEs, as it has very favourable properties, such as data-locality, easy parallelizability, geometrical flexibility and many more. Furthermore, as it can for many equations be written in a variational form, it has a solid mathematical backup including error estimations. The method itself dates back to the early 70's, and has become popular since the mid-90's. While DG methods are very well understood for many problems, there is still a highly active research scene focussing around special aspects of the DG methods, in particular with respect to the extension to large-scale computations.

The goal of this summer school is to give the participants an introduction to the DG methods. The focus will be more on an introduction to the concepts including their applications rather than a complete and rigorous discussion of the theory. The summer school will therefore be amenable to mathematicians, engineers and scientists and will be presented in a genuine interdisciplinary context. All sessions will be hands-on, meaning that sufficient time for exercises and their discussion is planned.

Confirmed speakers are Matteo Cicuttin (University of Liège), Alexandre Ern (Université Paris-Est) and Jennifer Ryan (Colorado School of Mines).

Subscription is free of charge; more informations and subscription can be found on the website Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact Jochen via


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