Poster session Woudschoten Conference 2018

To catch the audience's attention for your poster there will be a one-minute session. For this session you must deliver a PDF file (A4 format, one page in landscape, full color). This file will be projected during the 1-minute session. Registration of a poster, including poster title and PDF file, can be done up to the deadline, by sending the PDF and title to . You should bring the poster itself, printed in A0 format portrait size, to Woudschoten. From Thursday morning you can put up your poster on a poster bord.

The winners will be invited to present their research on the Spring Meeting of 2019 and will be awarded with a gift voucher.
New since 2015:Only PhD students compete for a price. Presenters and titles 2018.

In 2017 the following participants were rated the best by a jury consisting of the keynote speakers.

First price for Andreas van Barel (KUL)
Gradient and Hessian based optimization under uncertainties using MLMC
Second price for Pieterjan Robbe (KUL)
Combining Multigrid and Multilevel Monte Carlo with Applications to Uncertainty Quantification
Third price for Roel Tielen (TUD)
Efficient solvers in Isogeometric Analysis
Third price for Yous van Halder (CWI)
Machine Learning Based Stochastic Space Decomposition for Uncertainty Quantification