CWI Machine Learning Reading Group

Welcome to the CWI Machine Learning Reading Group

This is the hopepage for the CWI Machine Learning Reading Group. Here you will find the schedule of upcoming events and a list of suggested papers for future meetings.

We try to meet once every two weeks at CWI on Thursday 11:00-13:00 to see one research article presented and discuss it. Topics of interest include

  • Learning in all its forms: statistical, computational, game-theoretic, algorithmic, information-theoretic, ...
  • Philosophy of learning, information, probability, uncertainty, ...
  • ...

The goal of these sessions is to propel research by learning about related areas, new interesting problems, exciting developments and useful techniques, in interaction. It is also a good opportunity to practice presenting, and categorise knowledge.

Participants are not expected to read the papers in detail. To ge the most out of these sessions, please prime yourself for the discussion by giving the paper a cursory scan for connections to your areas of expertise. Any resulting comments, confusions and questions are very welcome.


If you have any questions or would like to participate, please contact .